Our Mission

  • Let best minds and practices facilitate MPs/MLAs in transforming the field of healthcare, education, and climate change.
  • Consolidate the passion of youth with experience of MPs for the greater good of the nation.
  • Form student-leaders for tomorrow to utilize domino effect and inculcate required change.
  • Create cross-disciplinary collaborations to succeed in meaningful and impactful work.

Stories have power to create social change and inspire community.

Our Story

Adversity is the best teacher indeed! Growing up in rural parts of India we had a protected childhood with limited exposure. However, we did not let the lack of access define our dreams. 

Starting from small towns in MP and UP, to Delhi and later to Malaysia and South-Africa, our experiences made us realize that the only thing limiting us is we, ourselves. 

Over the years we have witnessed the widened gap in terms of access to resources between rural and urban India. The constraints faced by people to access some of the most basic rights, such as health care and education in lesser developed constituencies of India was a big hit. This compelled us into action to transform the current scenario. 

Thus, with the aim of being a small ripple leading to an expansive change that transcends through time, we have dedicated ourselves to the causes which are most pressing to the people of our country. We hope to drive this change by developing a unique balance of technology and tradition.

"As one person I cannot change the world, But I can change the world of one person."

- Paul Shane Spear

Founding Team

Inspire Change is founded by alumni of IIT Delhi with work experience from one of the top consulting companies like BCG.

“We are deeply connected with our soil and values. We are a team, believing in healthy and constant participation between the society and the policy-makers working with the best minds of India in this ever-changing fast-paced world.

We aim to seek, strive and achieve the development goals for the betterment of the Indian society”.